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Feel alone or misunderstood

Feel like everything’s all over the place

Feel stuck and left behind

Are worried about your family member’s future

Feel like it’s hard to explain your journey to those around you

Have come to terms with having ADHD and want to simply seek help to manage it

We hear you and we’ve got you.

Indigo Hub takes on clients from different backgrounds and aids individuals in embracing their neurodivergent brain by helping them work with it rather than against it. We help convert the chaos to calm.

Working alongside you, we jointly help in identifying your challenges and focus on tangible results.

Through our program, we’ll work into the depths of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours at a tempo that is just right for you so that results are not only effective but also sustainable.

The services we provide include:





You could also check out our weekly podcast which focuses on increasing awareness of ADHD and problems revolving around it.


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“I am so happy I chose Tasha as a ADHD Coach for my teenage daughter in her final year at school and the results have been amazing. My daughter had been struggling with her attendance and feelings of anxiety and overwhelm regarding her GCSE’s. Tasha helped her understand her ADHD and navigate school life and taught her to regulate her emotions. I have noticed a big difference, her attendance has massively improved and she is no longer struggling with anxiety and is overall a happier, confident girl. Thank you Tasha”

N.H,. Parent of Child/Adolescent Client


“It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you. Your coaching methods truly helped me during my most challenging period in my life. I was able to re-focus my energies on the positive and move forward. I felt that your guidance and sound advice allowed me to take a look at things from the perspective of my daughter and realize that my parenting skills were moving in the right direction. Home life became much calmer, and I was able to reconnect with my daughter in ways never possible.
 I am so grateful for your time and energy. I would recommend you to everyone and anyone!
As for my daughter. She always left your sessions calmer and more at peace with her decisions. Having Asperger’s and navigating her way through relationships has always been a challenge. Thanks to your coaching sessions, she has realized the power of boundaries, self-care and distinguishing between meaningful relationships versus toxic ones. She has been able to be more comfortable with letting go of her past relationships and moving forward.  She has some wonderful tools in her toolbox now. Thank you so much!!!”
N.F,. Parent Coaching Client

“We always recommend Natasha when someone is looking for help. You are literally worth your weight in gold! We always get complimented on how much we have implemented and how well we understand our little ADHDer and although we did a lot before coming to you, you pushed us to understanding her diagnosis to understanding her instead. I’m sure we will be back when puberty gives us our next step of challenges! But our little madame always says “no one understands me like you do” to use and that is thanks to you.”

J.L,. Parent Coaching Client

“Tash took so much time to really understand the work our (pretty unique) organisation is doing and that was so clearly reflected in her training. She was animated, engaging and she really got us and what we’re trying to achieve for the young people we work with. Tash was a total delight to work with, a fountain of invaluable knowledge and I couldn’t recommend her more!”

B.W, Free to Be Kids, Workshop Client

“As a parent of a young adult with ADHD and autism, I knew my daughter was in good hands with Natasha.  She was easy to talk to and made my daughter feel at ease.  My teen has found the experience rewarding and has new tools to help advocate for herself and her needs as she goes through life’s challenges.  I would recommend Natasha to anyone needing support with their Neurodivergence.
Natasha is caring and also flexible about appointments which is a must with an adhd child.
I will not hesitate to go back to Natasha should my daughter require any support in her future.”
A.B, Parent of Young Adult Client

My experience of ADHD coaching with Indigo Hub was excellent – I found Natasha to be incredibly helpful, with a warm, non-judgemental and welcoming approach to coaching.  She was very flexible both in terms of her approach to coaching and adapting sessions to what I needed/wanted at different times, and also with regards to practical aspects such as scheduling. ADHD education is a really important part of treatment and I found Natasha very knowledgeable and able to provide specific, relevant information at the right time, in easy-to-understand terms and with lots of background materials for reference later.  I wholeheartedly recommend Indigo Hub!

Z.B, Young Adult Coaching Client

My ADHD child was excluded from all sports and swimming at the start of the year due to his meltdowns, he was also missing out on outside playtime and other activities which he found challenging for sensory or emotional reasons. Having worked with Tasha the change has been phenomenal. His confidence has grown, he has been able to verbally explain himself to others and is getting his needs met. His teachers now recognise that he is neurodivergent, not naughty. They understand his triggers and are able to help him manage his environment and support him with things that he finds more difficult. He recently got a certificate for ‘always turning in a high standard of work and being independent and organised’ and I have my happy child back.

Parent of Child Coaching Client 

Natasha has a gift of making those in her presence feel totally at ease, unjudged and you can let it all out! What I took away the most, was my qualities, my strengths and how I shouldn’t change the part of me I love but to let those parts be exposed more….. and to know the environment that i need to survive and thrive! Natasha makes you realise your strengths, helps question your thinking to make you more aware of your reactions/thoughts and made me feel more confident! Thank you

Working with Natasha felt so comfortable and supportive. From the moment I met her it felt like I was talking to a good friend. She really helped me get clarity and perspective on how and why my adhd brain functions the way it does, whilst guiding me to find practical solutions to move forward. After every session I felt so positive and uplifted. I would see her every week for the rest of my life if I could afford it
E.N., Young Adult Coaching Client

“Working with Natasha helped me progress in so many areas – understanding my skills and core values, boundaries, challenging negative beliefs and meeting my goal of entering creative writing into competitions – which I’ve never done before. She’s extremely knowledgeable about adhd and it was so refreshing to work with someone who has walked the path and understands the challenges (as well as awesome parts!) of having an adhd brain.”
K.P., Young Adult Coaching Client

“I couldn’t just sum up the hugely positive impact you’ve had in my life in just a couple of sentences. That being said feel free to pick shorter parts of this if you prefer something shorter. Natasha has been an instrumental force of good in my life. She has an innate gift, talent and passion for coaching that I would not have found elsewhere. Her sessions are very client led and she has a fantastic ability to understand exactly what is needed for the individual. When I first started seeing Natasha I struggled to see a future for myself, I had no idea who I was and struggled to even accept my diagnosis. With Natasha’s guidance I now see a future, I know who I am and I have got to a place of complete acceptance. I am now proud to be who I am and I now know how to work with my brain rather than against it. Natasha has given me my hope and my future back and for that I will be forever grateful.”
E.C., Young Adult Coaching Client

“In just a few months, Natasha helped me go from being completely overwhelmed to being able to set and complete my own goals. I looked forward to every session and always left them feeling positive and energised to tackle the next challenge.”
P.O., Young Adult Coaching Client

“Thanks so much for your amazing coaching. It’s really shown me how capable I am – and equipped me with the tools I need going forward. I’m really happy with the service, communication, and quality of coaching. Can’t wait to work with you again!”
E.E., Young Adult Coaching Client

Working with Natasha at Indigo Hub has been a great experience. Rather than frame the coaching as top-down lecture series on executive functioning, she structure each session around a situation I’m facing or a theme I want to tackle in the moment, bringing in resources or anecdotes where pertinent. I’ve learned a lot (and connected the dots between disparate things I knew already) and it’s been great to have Natasha as a thought partner to structure the (hopefully more efficient) next chapter of life. Also, her rates are reasonable, which is a big plus. Thank you very much!

S.L Young adult coaching client

“Made approaching ADHD as an adult possible in a system/world that otherwise seems purpose-built to inhbit those with ADHD. “

“Their apporach is compassionate and dynamic.”

“The amount of support is incredible and detailed.”

W.C., Young adult coaching client

“I was recently diagnosed with ADHD at the ripe old age of 53 and was encouraged to get a coach following my diagnosis. Through a webinar conducted by ADHD UK, I first met Natasha. She’s great! Just what I needed as I wasn’t looking to manage my ADHD through medication. I initially employed Natasha every week; however, she has been flexible enough to accommodate my sessions every two weeks. I have found Natasha to be knowledgeable, personable and optimistic; she knows her profession inside out as she has her own experiences of an ADHD diagnosis; this was comforting to know before selecting my coach. Natasha is patient and empathetic and challenges your progress in a very encouraging way. I could not recommend her highly enough. Thanks for all your support, Natasha; I’m enjoying discovering myself, finally!”
G.S., Adult coaching client

“I was diagnosed with ADHD just after my 30th birthday last year. The diagnosis made so much sense and started as a relief but then soon led to frustration. Even though I’d found a name and a reason behind my behaviour, I still was unable to change my behaviour which has become very upsetting and even more challenging. I just did not have the tools to cope anymore and was lost. Every medical professionals I spoke to (within the NHS) had no knowledge of how to support an adult woman with ADHD. Through my own research I luckily stumbled upon Indigo Hub which is the best thing that could have happened. I have only had 4 sessions with Natasha so far, and they have been so enlightening. Speaking to someone who truly understands the condition has helped so much. I have developed tools and strategies to trial that are suited to me and my needs and could not recommend it more!”
B.G., Young adult coaching client

“Although I was diagnosed many years ago I hadn’t been giving enough information about ADHD, and what little information I had been given was quite prescriptive. Working with Natasha helped me find ways of engaging with my ADHD which fit me, and allowed me to be empowered by it.”

L.C., Young adult coaching client

“I found Natasha and Indigo Hub via the add.org website and received a reply very quickly after making contact. We had an initial ‘Get to know you’ virtual meeting and I found Natasha to be very personable and bubbly with a genuine and empathetic understanding of the difficulties of life with ADHD. I immediately felt at ease to open up and be transparent during our chats. My own circumstances meant I could only commit to 4 sessions, but I learned some very useful techniques for tackling things that would previously have been quite daunting. My biggest takeaway has been to believe that with the right mindset, I can achieve the things I want to and embark on a journey to my ‘island of contentment’ and I really look forward to exploring this further with Natasha in 2022.”
J.B., Young adult coaching client

“Having a coach who has ADHD herself, and gets our struggles, has been a gamechanger. Tasha understands that the usual Neurotypical methods of productivity won’t work with me, and instead focuses on my strengths and the accommodations I need. Tasha really empowered me to put in place new habits and routines that I’ve been trying and failing to implement for years, and she never shamed or judged me for quirks or struggles. Instead she helps me find workarounds and encourages me to try new approaches until something fits! I highly recommend ADHD coaching through Tasha at Indigo.”
J.H., Young Adult Coaching Client

Join us now to change your life and view the world truly through “your eyes”.