Dear Diary,


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open your eyes and become someone different; to see, sense, and experience the world first-hand as another? When I was a child, I wanted nothing more. I wanted to be something and everything that wasn’t anything like myself. I spent much of my youth chasing and trying to fit in just to avoid having to be myself. I convinced myself that things were much simpler that way. After all, everyone always seemed to prefer it when I was a little less like me and a little more like them. But at what cost?


I was losing myself and all things that made me unique as I tried to drive the draining challenges, darkness and constant fear out of me.


Recently, it dawned on me how extraordinary it is that I constantly attempt to see the world through the eyes of others. I would continuously make an effort to see everything from different angles. Doing so as a masking tactic to conceal who I truly was, wasn’t the healthiest way to go about it but it surely opened my eyes to more than I could have imagined.


When I was on placement at a special needs school around 8 years ago, a mentor mentioned said to me,


“…The problem with society nowadays is that no one ever takes a step back to look at the world through the eyes of others. With no biased opinions, judgements or expectations. With just pure compassion for how others perceive things. Rather, we all push and push to look for what’s wrong but what about the beauty that all humanity has to offer to the world? Neurodivergent children see the world in such a unique way and no one ever stops to think of what they experience every day! I wish there were more people like this….”. These words have stuck with me ever since.

“Seeing The World Through Our Eyes….”



It is the ability to take a step back, breathe and open your eyes to how others experience the world, without allowing space for judgement, preconceptions, or expectations. After I was diagnosed with ADHD the meaning of these words became even more clear.

We have been forced to perceive the world in black and white. As a linear, one-way path where you are to cope with expectations, judgements, societal limiting beliefs, fear, and so on. Regardless, when you truly step back and look at the world through your own eyes you will be surprised at what you see….




No one will ever understand what it’s like to be me, which is fine since I don’t understand what it’s like to be others either. It’s all about being open-minded and accepting of who people are. I lived by this for so many years and never asked for it in return; now, I do it for myself. When I open my eyes, I see the beauty, hardships, strengths, and uniqueness that make me whole and exactly the way I am meant to be. If people are unwilling to open their eyes and hearts, I shall do it for myself!




When I open my eyes, I see the challenges I confront in life as well as the darkness that overshadowed my past. My wife, on the other hand, saw me for who I was, despite all of my flaws. This helped me to envision my strengths. Now, the positives and qualities that make me who I am are starting to become clearer!




When I open my eye, I see what others have said about and believed of me! It wasn’t until I met like-minded folks that I started to turn down their vision in favour of discovering my true sight and potential!


Unfortunately, society tends to have unrealistic standards and expectations over which we have little control. Despite that, what we can change is how we look at the world through our own eyes.


Here are my top I’s for discovering and seeing your true potential:


· Find your strengths, originality and what makes you, you: Even with all of the challenges and implications of ADHD, you must make an effort to build on the positives. Stop for a second and take a look at the strengths you can draw from. When you start exploring, you may be surprised by what you uncover!


· Take a step back: It’s hard to see things from a fresh perspective when we get so jumbled up in our busy lives. Why not plan a getaway, take a little break and reflect to acquire a clearer perspective on things? Do something that you enjoy and get out of the crowded space in your head. Sometimes the finest discoveries happen when you are not even thinking about them!


· Get to know yourself: I did not realize who I truly was for a long time until I made an effort to do so. Why don’t you discover and learn how you work and strive to adopt favourable strategies that work in harmony with your life? If you find it difficult to do the discovering on your own, consider asking someone what they love about you. You may be pleasantly surprised by the responses.


· Truly listen to others: Hear and experience the world through the eyes of others. Turn off your thoughts, views, and assumptions and just listen. Pay attention to what they have to say and acknowledge their experiences. Examine how they relate to your situation. We can all learn from each other!


· FINALLY, reach out to Indigo Hub or any ADHD Life Coach: We, as ADHD life coaches, are always open and eager to look at the world through your eyes! It’s simply our mindset that comes with being an ADHD coach. We will always perceive you as naturally creative, resourceful and whole!


As a last thought, why not take a step back, breathe and open your eyes to view the world as you deserve to see it?


It’s a great place after all!