Dear Diary,


Has someone ever told you something just to have it completely go over your head and be forgotten? … Well, this happens to me a lot! I used to believe that it was because I was mindless or simply just did not have any common sense to understand things at all, be it: concepts, deeper meanings, and big words. After a long time of dwelling on this limiting belief, I have finally replaced it with a positive and encouraging assertion. The funny thing is that this new expression that has come into the picture now did not resonate with me earlier. It flew right over my head. The new expression which has challenged me and simultaneously given me the ability to view myself in a new light is “being


Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole (NCRW)”.

NCRW is one of the cornerstones that the Coaching Training Institute – a school of professional coaching training – follows in the model of coaching that they implement in co-active coaching. It explains how we should see ourselves and how coaches view their clients: as people who are capable of being independent. It means we are not broken; we are whole. We do not need fixing; we can create the life we deserve. It is a belief that asserts the fact that each and every person has an inherent ability to overcome hurdles with the help of his or her resourcefulness! What one needs is simply inside of oneself.


It is a powerful yet completely foreign concept and unlike anything I had known before. I could not get my head around it at first! As for many of us with ADHD, we are seen as a problem that needs fixing rather than able and whole people with unique qualities. This certain misconception is engraved into our minds since childhood, making it very hard to see things any differently. I was also a victim of this false belief until someone showed me otherwise.


When I sought coaching help myself, my coach treated me as NCRW, and I was taken aback! She met me where I was, encouraged me to see the strengths within myself and always had faith that I would find my way. She treated me as a human, as Indie; not as a person with ADHD! Even with ADHD challenges, we are still whole. We have space for resourcefulness and creativity within ourselves that can help overcome pretty much anything. The key is just to realise and make room for it!


After someone took the stand to view me as NCRW, I started to see it myself and it clicked. I realised how true and powerful it was. Once I began to believe in it on my own and look at the possibilities rather than limitations, things started to change. All my limiting beliefs started to feel less significant and I even created new assertions to adhere to:


I am worthy and whole

I am who I am and that is awesome

I am creative in so many ways

I have so many resources at my disposal

I can create the life I want and deserve

And I can overcome anything because I am indie!

I am NCRW! We all are!


Can you imagine a world where everyone saw themselves and each other as NCRW?


Here are my top I’s to see yourself as NCRW:

  1. Consider the concept: If you are thinking … oh my goodness, this concept is just flying over your head, that’s all right! This concept is unlike anything I’d ever heard before too. For the most part, this concept is too foreign at first as society tends to focus on what is wrong with a person rather than what is good. Do some research into the concept and let it sit with you for a while.

  2. Be open: Test it out and be open to viewing yourself as NCRW against external judgements and what needs fixing. You never know what you may discover. Being aware of the notion is the first step!

  3. Make a list: List down all of your qualities that spring to mind when you think of being NCRW! Create artwork, videos, audio, or a journal to expose yourself to these traits in moments you need a reminder.

  4. Stay more connected to those that view you as NCRW: Expose yourself to those that believe you are NCRW. This may allow you to eventually recognize it within yourself as I did!

  5. Reach out to a coach for help: All coaches take up the NCRW attitude with each of their clients. It is one of the cornerstones of their coaching models and a stance they adopt with every person. Explore the benefits you can draw from this!

  6. Take a look around: Consider your experiences which represent your NCRW abilities. It may be necessary to see or feel it to believe it!

In the end, remember … we are all Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and whole, and you just may not know it yet. But I believe it!