Dear Diary,


Last year around this time, life was completely different. I recall feeling like I was a ship sailing at sea amid a storm. One after the other, waves hit hard and it was almost impossible to break away, even to take a breather. I was being driven further and further away from seeing a clear picture. Rather, it felt like being dragged down into a rabbit hole of endless expectations, self-doubt, constant pressure and never-ending responsibilities. I could not see a way out. All of this added up to a feeling of being out of control. It was suffocating until… I discovered


ADHD Life Coaching


Getting help through ADHD life coaching was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. I can say with utmost assurance that ADHD coaching can be a ray of hope for those feeling lost and scattered by the storms in their minds. Challenges of ordinary life can be magnified when living with ADHD. However, working with a coach can teach you how to work with your ADHD brain rather than against it. This can help you see the world from a clearer point of view.


How? you may wonder. Well, here’s how:


Look at it this way. An individual is like a ship on the ocean, striving to manoeuvre to a destination. The journey of life, like the ocean, might present one with barriers that hinder the venture. In most cases, despite a ship’s strengths and resources, it’s difficult to make full use of them when hit by waves. During trials, there’s friction to employ every essence of who one is. Dwelling on problems at hand is miles easier than initiating a plan to address them. So, to give one the kickstart they need, ADHD life coaching partners work with clients the same way that a lighthouse helps ships safely reach their destinations.


Like a beacon of hope, coaching assists clients in realizing the strengths that make them. The partnership helps to push them forward through the harsh waves.

Getting to the finish line necessitates a partnership built on trust and mutual value between a coach and a client. It consists of a shared understanding that outcomes can be created with an effort from both parties. A safe, secure and empowering connection is constructed so that the journey is made easier. During a session, the coach would use evoking questions and active listening to help clients understand the bigger picture; who they are, what they value and how they may truly view the world with their eyes. The purpose is to ideate actionable measures to reach the shore.


Of course, an unexpected turn of events may occur throughout the voyage. Turbulence can manifest as ADHD difficulties in areas such as time management, emotional control, and executive functioning. However, a coach is equipped to handle such obstacles. They come from a place where they’ve met many others on the same path and hence, can offer needed support. With the special beam they own, a coach can help you get past these hindrances and reach the shore safely.


Once the client and coach reach the shore that signifies progress, the achievement is celebrated and a new journey is begun. However, this time around, the ship may cruise over calmer waters and in certain circumstances, may even be able to navigate on its own.


My ADHD life coach was the guiding light that helped me set out on my new and calmer path.


Could this be true for you?…




Here’s a summary if you would rather have a quick read!


My ADHD Life Coaching analogy in 4 simple steps:

  1. A client is represented as a ship. It embodies a client’s values, strengths, interests, unique outlook, among other things.

  2. The ocean symbolizes the client’s current reality. The crashing waves are perceived as obstacles and barriers that may exist in general or as a result of ADHD.

  3. Reaching the shore is equivalent to reaching the desired outcome and destination. The desired outcome may be a goal or a task that a client works to achieve. Each journey from shore to shore is unique.

  4. The lighthouse signifies the coach that partners with a client to uncover the treasures which facilitate reaching the desired outcomes. ADHD life coaches generally have the first-hand experience which equips them to handle unique challenges and obstacles.