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Do you require assistance in a specific area?

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Are you looking for sure-fire ways to boost productivity while managing ADHD challenges?

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Unsure how to proceed with academic responsibilities?

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Want to be able to communicate for you and your child’s needs?

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Require expert support in navigating your child’s educational plan? 

Look no further, you've come to the right place.

We offer extra services that revolve around specific focus areas which need addressing. By devising workable solutions, we help you bridge the gaps and move forward. In a high-pressure environment, professional help will allow you to proceed more effectively and efficiently. Through our specifically curated programs, you can expect guidance through decisions and fresh perspectives based on expert knowledge.

Focus sessions for children and adolescents
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Academic sessions for students

What you will be assisted in include:

  • Recognizing and drawing from personal strengths and abilities

  • Organizational skills to help keep up with academic deadlines and responsibilities

  • Developing strategies that complement your study plan

  • How to self-regulate so that you can learn to manage outcomes on your own


What you will be assisted in include:

  • Working towards individual values and goals

  • Getting unstuck on tasks

  • Deciding on the appropriate course of action to take

  • Managing time resourcefully

  • Improving concentration and boosting performance

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Educational Advocacy for Children

What you will be assisted in include:

  • Determining the best option for your child in an educational setting

  • Being your child’s advocate. We can represent you and your child during discussions with school officials and accommodate your child’s learning objectives.

  • Individualized Educational Program (IEP) recommendations. You’ll be guided through the process of deciding on an academic plan for your child. Natasha Hickling, the founder of Indigo Hub, is a qualified teacher working as a SENCO and has the expertise to put the appropriate academic proceedings in motion.

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Contact us for a complimentary 20-minute session to find out more and see if our coaching is the way forward.