We at Indigo Hub portray our coaching journey as a quest to discover one’s true potential.

Does this sound like you or someone you love?

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You’re a whirlwind of energy and emotions

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You have trouble keeping up with peers at school

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You’re constantly disconnected

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You struggle to stay organized and grounded

Our coaching can help.


Being a teen with ADHD can be especially challenging if one is at a loss to understand and handle their ADHD brain. Inability to juggle tasks can create a sense of falling behind. Keeping in line with the accompanying expectations of school can be a daunting challenge. Maintaining complete focus on tasks can be a relentless battle. When all these feelings pile up, teens can feel quite misunderstood in their world.

At Indigo Hub, we help individuals internationally manage such obstacles by assisting in developing successful strategies to overcome them.

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Our ADHD coaching services for adolescents can assist in: 
  • Identifying areas that require guidance in a teen’s life

  • Instilling structure that can transform a teen’s perspective and lead to better success in all areas of life

  • Addressing challenges, step-by-step. We do so by assuming the position of the teen’s primary advocate

  • Developing valuable organizational and executive functioning skills

  • Designing and implementing systems that work in sync with a teen’s ADHD brain

  • Discovering a teen’s strengths that can steer them in the right direction

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ADHD doesn't just affect one person...

Raising a child with ADHD can be isolating when no one else understands what you are going through. Parenting is a challenging journey and even more so if you have a child with ADHD.

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It can impact the whole family!

Here’s how we can help you to handle your ADHD child’s challenges more effectively.

Find out more on our are Parent and Family Coaching page.


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