We at Indigo Hub portray our coaching journey as a quest to discover one’s true potential.

Is your ADHD…

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Becoming a constant problem for you and your partner?

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Causing behaviour that makes your partner feel neglected?

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Causing a lot of frustration for the both of you?

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Making your other half feel like he/she is your manager instead of your partner?

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Causing unnecessary conflict and distance between the both of you?

We can help you and your partner overcome this.


If you have ADHD, you and your partner may find it challenging to meet halfway on various aspects of your relationship. Tension can arise due to communication breakdown and failure to demonstrate concern effectively. Perhaps your ADHD may be driving you further apart from each other because of the absence of emotional availability and responsibility from one side.

Even if both you and your partner have ADHD, you can still benefit from the couple coaching services we provide here. At Indigo Hub we offer individual as well as couple coaching sessions for individuals.


If this rings true to you, our coaching sessions can help you transform your relationship.

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Our ADHD coaching services can
assist in: 
  • Bridging the gap between you and your partner so that expectations from both sides are aligned and a healthier dynamic is reached

  • Delving into the complexities of the ADHD partner's challenges to better understand them

  • Building sustainable systems to address the matters at hand

  • Bringing out the ADHD partner’s struggles into light so that it can be easier to understand where they are coming from and how to approach them

  • Helping you foster effective communication which can immensely deepen your bond as a couple


Contact us for a complimentary 20-minute session to find out more and see if our coaching is the way forward.