We at Indigo Hub portray our coaching journey as a quest to discover one’s true potential.

Do you feel like you are…

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Unable to handle your ADHD child’s challenges, let alone your own?

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Overwhelmed with not knowing what’s best for your ADHD child?

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Misjudged for your child’s meltdowns?

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Struggling to strike the right balance in your life?

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Constantly exhausted and too unproductive?

We can help you.


Raising a child with ADHD can be isolating when no one else understands what you are going through. Parenting is a challenging journey and even more so if you have a child with ADHD. It is tough to be a constant victim of criticism, simply due to the actions of a misunderstood ADHD child. Keeping track of your ADHD child’s needs on top of yours is no easy task either. We understand how draining it can be to always be on your toes and managing the challenges on your own. At Indigo Hub, we offer the right help you need to deal with such obstacles.

Here’s how we can help you to handle your ADHD child’s challenges more effectively.

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Our ADHD coaching services can assist in:
  • Accommodating you with the support system you need when handling your ADHD child’s challenges

  • Bridging the gap between you and your child so that expectations from both sides are aligned and a healthier dynamic is reached

  • Identifying your child’s strongest points so that he/she can draw from them and achieve greater heights

  • Helping you foster effective communication which can immensely deepen your bond as a family and help in navigating all sorts of challenges

  • Teaching your ADHD child, the art of resilience that would foster improved behaviour and a more positive outlook on life

  • Developing plans that can save you from getting all scrambled in a pile of tasks

  • Implementing systems that can encourage growth, cultivate ownership and develop the ability to take criticism like a champ


Contact us for a complimentary 20-minute session to find out more and see if our coaching is the way forward.

Family Coaching – Group Sessions with Your Child

What you will be assisted in include:

  • Tackling challenges from different angles

  • Deriving actionable and sustainable solutions that favour everyone involved

  • Implementing systems that lead to positive perspective shifts

  • Fostering effective communication that will help in all aspects

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