We at Indigo Hub portray our coaching journey as a quest to discover one’s true potential.

Are you…

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Struggling to transition to full-fledged adulthood?

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Unmotivated to continue pursuing what you’ve always wanted?

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Finding it challenging to stay on track of everything?

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Always dreading dealing with simple tasks like doing chores?

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Unsure of how to handle complex tasks and projects on your own?

We can offer fresh perspectives that can help you.


With adulthood comes great responsibility. It entails evolving, adapting and transforming into a more resilient version of yourself that is capable of dealing with obstacles that life throws at you. This can be considerably tough when you have ADHD. From simple tasks like managing household chores to more complex tasks like managing finances, all of these adult life responsibilities can compound a lot of overwhelming stress.

If the above resonates with you, the right support can make a world of difference.

Our ADHD coaching services can assist in:
  • Fostering habits that can help you work towards your goals

  • Navigating tasks by collaboratively identifying the approaches that work best for you

  • Offering the right support to overcome personal obstacles

  • Utilizing time resourcefully so that you’re able to efficiently plan and manage your schedule

  • The designing structure that can help you effectively get through all tasks, big and small

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ADHD doesn't just affect one person...

If you have ADHD, you and your partner may find it challenging to meet halfway on various aspects of your relationship. Perhaps your ADHD may be driving you further apart from each other because of the absence of emotional availability and responsibility from one side.

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It can impact you and your relationships!

If this rings true to you, our coaching sessions can help you transform your relationship.

Find out more on our Couples Coaching page.

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